At FTA, we’re all about tradition. Heck, what do you think the T in FTA stands for? Well, not tradition but hey, the sentiment’s there.

Acronyms aside, there is nothing quite like the feeling of perpetuating tradition. Knowing that countless have gone before you, doing as you do. Your bond is not temporal, but transcends time and endures – forged in the fiery pit of commonality and shared experience.

So when Geoffrey burst into the office last Thursday and reminded everyone that it was PLD (Pizza Lunch Day, for the uninitiated), I’m not going to lie: a small tear beaded at the corner of my eye. For centuries [citation needed] the offices of FTA have held thus: on the second last Thursday of the month, there shall be Domino’s.

Miscellaneous papers on the meeting table are swept aside and replaced by our dear old friends Margherita, Meat Lovers, and countless other sweat-inducing delights. Greasy fingers, dropped toppings and sauce stains galore – it really is a sight to behold. There is no greater struggle in life than trying to maintain a corporate persona while wrestling with stringy cheese.




To cutlery or not to cutlery – that is the question. Our company resolve is to be as hands-on in the claims process as possible, and this attitude translates into PLD behaviour.

Plus, knives and forks would just add to the onslaught of dishes that appear post-PLD. Ain’t nobody got time for that.