Droneing on

This morning’s meeting droned on. Actually, I should clarify that statement: this morning’s meeting was about drones.

Now, before you get too excited, no, we aren’t going to buy an unmanned combat aerial vehicle to blast our competition into next century …yet.

Nor are we announcing the launch of an online delivery service named after a large rainforest.

Rather, I am proud to announce that we at FTA are currently debating about buying a drone.

The way I see it, the opportunities are endless! Unmanned missions to the biscuit tin, live-streamed meetings from the comfort of my office – heck, we could even use it for our investigative work (I bet no one had thought of that).

In all seriousness, the advent of such technology has revolutionised the insurance game. No longer is it a case of trawling through rooms of paper or waiting for photo evidence to develop. Everyone has instant access to a camera, and we all saw how easy it was to dupe a nation into believing their eyes #sydneystorms.

The standout photo of the #sydneystorms…shame that it’s photoshopped. Image: @creative_order

The introduction of drone technology has the potential to revolutionise how we interact with those around us. Unsafe work sites and difficult locations need no longer hinder the accuracy of reports, and this really is an opportunity to propel ourselves into the forefront of this industry in terms of skill and infrastructure.

Like any business decision, there are obvious arguments for and against which need to be considered. Things like the price, licensing, tech specs and practicality of the purchase are all under ridiculous scrutiny at FTAHQ. And I do think that if we decide against it, at the very least we should get a hoverboard.



In the adjusting business, everything has a price. Whether it be the price of some stolen copper cables, or the price of a man’s livelihood after he’s been rendered incapable of work.

There are a few precious things in life that are invaluable though, regardless of what profession you’re in. Trust.
Trust is a curious thing, so easily lost and yet trust between two entities could take a lifetime to build. Trust however, is that ingredient, once gained can change the entire dynamic of any relationship.

It’s astounding the progress that you can make with an Insured when there is that element of trust present. It allows for the smooth running of a claim to a certain extent and it just makes life so much easier.

How trust is gained, however is no easy feat and although some people are naturally gifted at the art of enticing trust from people, often it is a learned art that unfortunately many people never master.

I guess all we can do is try.