About Us

FT Commercial works across a broad range of claims relating to and arising from SME Material Damage to General Public and Products Liability and Professional Indemnity claims.

As a part of the FT Group, the principles of a forensic, technical approach remain at the core of our work. By untangling competing views and piecing together the finer details of the claim, it is possible to unearth the whole story, rather than just a bird’s eye view of it.

Industry jargon and technical terminology are a common feature of these types of claims. The ability to decipher and understand such terminology is something we pride ourselves on, and results in clearer reporting and successful claims resolution.

Some examples of the claim categories we have dealt with include:

  • General property damage (both commercial and residential; including strata titles)
  • General damage to third party property relating to public liability claims
  • Plant and equipment breakdowns
  • Complex personal injury claims
  • Professional indemnity claims from custom agents and accountants to wine growers and government grant advisers