Before we start, I want to make it clear that I did not set out with the intention of blogging so frequently about technology. It honestly just genuinely astounds me – mind you, I still haven’t completely wrapped my head around the mobile phone yet (I mean, there are no cords – how does it work without cords? Where does the sound go??).

Speaking of phones (‘of’, not ‘on’ – do try to keep up), we recently got some new ones. Phones, that is. Not just a pile of 1s.

This may seem like reasonably mundane news that would barely excite people working in the office, let alone those who are unlikely to ever operate said phones. However, the phones have greatly influenced general behaviour – for starters, we have had to adapt to a whole new operating system. And then there’s the call transfer issue.

See - visible cords.  Image:

See – visible cords.

You see, where previously we would have a few moments between calls to notify the adjuster who was on the line, now there is an additional step in this process: we have to put the caller on hold first, before transferring them along. Now, on its own, this isn’t going to have ground-breaking consequences. However the decision to upgrade our communications system means that we have more considerations than before. We have dead air to fill – should we record something to fill the hold time? What tone should this advertisement take? And what on earth are we going to say?

Don’t get me wrong – we aren’t going to have trouble coming up with an idea. It’s more a case of getting carried away and scripting an hour-long production that we’re concerned about. I can see it now – voice actors, an accompanying film clip, a Broadway debut – even an international tour and obscure merchandise would be on the cards.

And to be honest, I’m just not sure that I have time for that.