No idea


So, why blog?

Even more pertinently, why blog about loss adjusting? Surely it is just about as interesting as spending your life researching the sex life of the bot fly.

On that note, you might be surprised to learn there has been no other sex life examined in such detail  – but I digress.

As you begin to examine it (I mean loss adjusting, not the bot fly) you find it encapsulates everything that is good and bad about humanity. Sometimes it’s like living in your own personal soap opera.  And sometimes you don’t even have to go outside your own office to experience it.

This is sure to be a recurring motif of the blogs on this site.

In all seriousness, we really did think long and hard about our online footprint and the type of content we wanted to publish. After all, who could pass up the opportunity contribute to the teeming mass of ideas and knowledge on this great information highway (I believe this is colloquially known as “the internet”)?

So we settled on blogging for this exact reason: to launch our extremely interesting opinions into the vast nethersphere of the web, and provide learned insight on a topic close to everyone’s hearts. Well, this and the fact that none of us had enough delightfully whimsical cat videos to justify an FTA YouTube venture. Or pictures of clothing to trigger mass debates about colour in the office. I should also probably state here that we at FT Adjusting knew that the dress was blue and black, and this is just one example of the competency of service we provide.

Clearly the next hurdle in this thrilling tale is how we settled on the type of content we would write about. One suggestion was a very topical and burning issue: the propensity of Chinese tile bedding to react at the molecular level with clay particles from the Indus Valley (which is in India, for those who might be geographically challenged) in re-constituted, engineered stone tiles, thus producing a phenomenon called – wait for it – “cracked tile syndrome”.

Surprisingly, this idea was not met with resounding (or indeed, any) enthusiasm.

After little debate, we reached a consensus that this blog pitch would be better once refined, serialised and syndicated to that august publication The Tiler’s Weekly. I don’t know about you, but we’re positively itching to snatch up a copy. Riveting stuff. Go team.

I suggested a post about the propensity of certain experts to list their entire life history on their CV, thereby making said CV longer than the actual reports.  I was then told that I should try reading my own business card. That’s what you call free and open dialogue, right?

Ultimately it was decided that like anything else, loss adjusting is full of the good, the bad, but mostly the mundane (none of us would own up to being ugly, and I’m certainly not going there). So we decided people can blog about whatever they want, whenever they want. But on the proviso we ensure our PI cover for defamation is operative, of course.

You might think I’m joking, but I was once involved in legal action over telling a joke.  If you ever hear me say “that reminds me of the one about…” trust me, walk away. Quickly.


So to conclude what was only supposed to be a short introduction:

Hello, we are FT Adjusting. And this blog is set to become bigger than Bieber, Grumpy Cat and the selfie stick combined.


Also, did you know the bot fly usually targets elk in Sweden and incubates its eggs by shooting them into the eyes of the deer? Who said loss adjusting isn’t interesting…