Board or bored?

It was a dark day in the FTA office when the new whiteboard was due to be mounted.

An all-star team of engineers were at the ready – aided by the watchful eye of our office manager. Many an action plan was drawn, while the residual blu-tack and sticky tape from the last attempt to hang the whiteboard taunted from the corner of the meeting room.

The large table pushed aside, one engineer after another took the almighty step up – up onto the office chair. Wire was threaded. Knots were tied. A swarm of engineers crowded the site.

Until – at last – the whiteboard was up. And no, not resting precariously on the bench near the front office. And no, not hidden up the back of the storage area. But actually attached to the ceiling by floss-thin wire. Look mum- no hands!

However, as the crowd stood and admired, there was a murmur tearing through the masses – one which would haunt the engineers forever.

The whiteboard was crooked.


Of all things – the shame was unbearable.

And as our office manager later noticed, the positioning of the whiteboard also obstructed the use of the filing cabinet. I mean sure, that’s very inconvenient, but we would all happily sacrifice the filing cabinet for a whiteboard any day. But a crooked one? The bench at the front of the office was looking pretty good again…


In true FTA fashion, rather than fiddle with the wiring, the higher road was taken.

If you walked into the office the following day, you would notice a barely-legible scribble on the whiteboard: Take off your right shoe. Then it will be straight.